Welcome To Allied Arts

The mission of Allied Arts is to enhance the cultural livability of Seattle and to create a social network of people who care about the Arts, Urban Design and Historic Preservation.

“For 50 years Allied Arts has been a voice for the quality of life in Seattle. That’s a voice we’ll need even more in the next 50 years.”

-Greg Nickels Mayor
City of Seattle

Allied Arts is best known as the organization that worked to save the Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square, as well as to establish the Seattle Arts Commission. Since 1954, we’ve collaborated with an array of civic leaders and organizations to help maintain and improve Seattle’s quality of urban life.

Seattle Waterfront For All

Allied Arts asked members of the greater Seattle architectural design community to produce visions and renderings of what the Seattle Waterfront could become without the Alaskan Way Viaduct and prioritized as a place for people, not just a transportation corridor. Below are some of the highlights that illustrate the major themes from the collaborative.