About Allied Arts

Allied Arts of Seattle is a non-profit arts advocacy organization, overseen by a Board of Trustees. Here's who is directing the group, updated June 2000. New members are elected each summer.

Alex Steffen, President
Deborah Daoust, Vice president
Randy Apsel, treasurer
Tom Hayton, legal counsel

David Allen
Kathleen Allen
Paul Dorpat
Heather Dwyer
Mike Evans
Christian French
Thomas Graff
Lezlie Jane
Tom Hayton
Davidya Kasperzyk
Jack Mackie
Tess McShane
Dave Meinert
Cary Moon
Melissa O'Neill
John Pastier
John Peter
Matthew Richter
Bruce Rips
Katriana Samiljan
Gordon Walker
Nic Warmenhoven
Darby Watson
Philip Wohlstetter
David Yeaworth

Want to contact the board, or a specific board member? Drop us .

The Allied Arts board meets the fourth Monday of each month
June 26, 6pm

July 24, 6pm
August 28, 6pm 

All members and the public are invited to attend.
if you plan to come,
and we'll be sure to provide details on location, etc.

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